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About this website

About ‘senn’

‘senn’ provides your meaningful life advices, open your mind and explore!

This site will provide the great tips and ideas of fundamental essence to your life experiences by utilizing the eyes of Ancient Eastern Divinations, like a Four-Pillar of Destiny consists of Yin-Yang and the five elements, and SHUKUYO Astrology includes reincarnation as a concept.

The concept is “The Asian, Ancient Eastern Style.” The popularity of eastern themes of Yoga practices or Buddhism concepts have been increasing in western culture. Four Pillar of Destiny, SHUKUYO Astrology and Divination are very similar and connected to the ideas of [karmic concepts], [Self-realization and living with honesty], [Learning process through negative incidents] based on fundamental ideas of Buddhism, and Eastern spiritual concepts.

The fundamental ideas of Eastern divinations are to help understand and embrace with your inner self-realizations and self- improvements which can lead to fulfillment and happier life throughout your life time.
In this recent years, we are exposing to great stress in the daily life, hopefully senn site Eastern Divination can help release some of your stresses in your life.

‘senn’ represents some meanings, which are the remark of Eastern Divination and the same sound of one of the Chinese Characters widely used in Japanese language. In the middle of ‘senn’, ‘en’ represents the meaning of the karmic circle which signifies the concept of the fate of the relationship.

Explore yourself and find the meaning and life tips through this site.

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    We tend to think possessing something is better than possessing nothing. When you coherent with your possessions too much, this can create confusions with your judgements. It is important to let it go what you have and move forward.

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