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Learn about Four Pillars of Destiny - #4 The Heaven Void

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Learn about Four Pillars of Destiny - Vol.4 The Heaven Void

[What is "Ku-Bou", the Heaven Void?]
The Chinese character displaying "Ku" is the meaning of emptiness, and the Chinese character displaying "Bou" is the meaning of non-existence. The combination of "Ku-Bou" is indicated the place where it becomes at zero point. This can be interpreted in positive ways or negative ways. There are negative interpretational concepts of [The period that is nothing should be dealt with], or [The period of the worst of all] while on the other hand, there are positive interpretational concepts of [The refreshing and resetting transitional points which are the transitions of breaking off the bad energy flows].

[How to direct the timing of the Heaven Void]
In the previous article, we mentioned the subject that Daily Heavenly Stem and Daily Earthly Branch are the most important signs in order to find out the fundamental personality traits of each individual. The total number of matching combinations is sixty by pairing one sign form each category of those two which one sign comes from ten signs of Daily Earthly Branch and another sign comes from twelve signs of Daily Earthly Branch concurrently of the each sign.

At this point, as trying to pair up ten signs and twelve signs, there are two signs are not having any matched pair in the Earthly Branch. These two signs are the signs of the Heaven Void.

For example, the combination of signs where they are a first positional sign of Daily Heavenly Stem and a first positional sign of Earthly Branch expresses as the sign [Kinoe-ne]. The person who has carried this combinational sign is belonging to the first group in the chart showing on the right side. The 11th position and the 12th position in this particular group are left over which are the signs of "Inu" (Dog) and "I" (Pig). Therefore these two years out of the cycle of twelve years can be determined as the time periods of the Heaven Void.

[The lessons from the another spatial dimensional world]
The Heaven Void is considered as the spatial dimensional world which existing in the non-real world. The signs in this spatial dimensional world can indicate that the life lessons in order to concurring the inferior points of you that can lead for growing better the life being.

The person who is in...
Inu-I (Dog and Pig) : Being able to deal with the areas which are too much cleanness and too stubbornness flexibly by having feelings of terribly sorrow.
Saru-Tori (Monkey and Rooster) : Have the sincere life planning ability by stopping going with the flow spirits.
Uma-Hitsuji (Horse and Sheep) : Being able to overcome the difficulties with a great amount of tolerance by cutting off the prides.
Tatsu-Mi (Dragon and Snake) : The reconsideration of relationships with opposite sex, and try to deal with things by introspecting the personality of yours which is easy to be influenced by surroundings.
Tora-U (Tiger and Rabbit) : It should be dealing calmly with belief of one's intelligence by spending time with cool attitudes without dependency on others.
Ne-Ushi (Rat and Ox) : Try to devote your energy into volunteer works for others by not having the cruel selfish personality.

[The encounter in the spatial dimensional world]
The person who meets during the years of the Heaven Void periods is considered as an alien from another planet for you in some extreme degrees of expression who the person is for you. The person could be the cause of the troublesome no matter whom the person is which is same gender or different gender because you do not comprehend the person fully, or not able to be friendly with that person.
However, right after passing the Heaven Void periods there are some times that you can get closer to the person as if it were the rebounded reaction energy from the accumulation of the avoidance and a strong force of resistance during the Heaven Void period. However, these phenomena are the considered as the situations where you are attracted to the [Evil energy] from the spatial dimensional world. You might have to experience the declining the energy of fortunes, and could be leading to the lesser the vitality for living energy.

But, there is a different story for the matter of children. During the time periods of the Heaven Void, it has been said that it is difficult to have a child. Even if it is fertilized a child during this time period, the kid tend to be independent relatively in earlier age. The kid can become a stronger and can become the person who can develop the skill to live by itself.

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