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Learn about Four Pillars of Destiny - #1 The Origin

Learn about 4 Pillars of Destiny - Vol.1: The Origin

[What is the 'Four Pillars of Destiny?']

The Four Pillars of Destiny was originated in the time period during the Ancient China. Later the method of Four Pillars of Destiny which has been known as an authentic eastern astrology reading has been developed profoundly in Japan. The Four Pillars of Destiny has been trusted and relied on by many people because the readings can predict precise manners for the people. The Four Pillars of Destiny is called [The King of Astrology].

The meaning of the name [Four Pillars] is based on the foundations of key information of the readings which are used with four critical information of human birth date, month, year and the time. Each Pillar has KAN-SHI, Twelve fortunes and Decade luck which are calculated and the information can be described as particular person's personality traits and the destinies which the one carries in life. This sections we will describe the most important key ideas in Four Pillars Destiny which are [KAN-SHI], [Twelve Fortunes].

The original theory of the four pillars of fortune reading

The four pillar astrology reading method is based on the ancient Chinese calendar which is called [KAN-SHI]system.KAN-SHI indicates JIKKAN and JUNISHI.

JIKKAN is the fundamental theory which is based on the 'Theory of Yin-Yang' where this is the profound Chinese philosophical wisdoms.

The idea of the 'Yin-Yang principle' is that all the things in this world can be differentiated into two Yin, and Yang. For example, the Sun represents Yang, the Moon represents Yin. An odd number represents Yang, an even number represents Yin. The front surface of two-sided represents Yang, the back of two-sided represents Yin.

The idea of the 'Five Elements' is that all the things in this world can be consisted of the five elements which are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Two ideas of the above can be combined. As the result [Wood and Yang represents KINOE], [Wood and Yin represents KINOTO], [Fire and Yang represents HINOE], [Fire and YIN represents HINOTO] as you can imagine the total number of the signs is Ten.

Year, Month, Day and Time of the birth can be assigned the ten signs. The cycle of the signs which starting from [Wood and Yang=KINOE], ending to [Water and Yin=MIZUNOTO]. Then the sing comes back and starting from KINOE again.

For example, year 2012 was represented the Year of [Water and Yang] [MIZUNOE], year 2013 is represented the year of [Water and Yin] [MIZUNOTO]. Then shifting to year 2014 will be represented the year of [Wood and Yang] [KINOE]. As you can imagine the year 2022 will be the year of [MIZUNOE]. (The timing of the New Year for shifting is used in Lunar Calendar.)
Same as the cycle of the Year, there are same cycles in the Day, Month and Time. This month would be KINOE and following month would shit to KINOTO. Today would be HINOE and tomorrow would be HINOTO and so on...

JUNISHI (Chinese Zodiac) is the another cycle which has Twelve signs are belong to each Year, Day, Month, and time.There are consisted of twelve animals which are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

For Example, Year 2012 was the year of [Dragon]. Year 2013 is the year of [Snake]. Year 2014 will be the year of [Horse]. The Year of [Dragon] will be circulated back in the year of 2024. Same as the cycles of JIKKAN, it has the ideas of the same cycles in the Day, Month and Time in the JUNISHI cycles.

Ten signs in JIKKAN and twelve signs in JUNISHI can be calculated into the total combinations of sixty patterns.

The closest year which both JIKKAN and JUNISHI lined the First sings was the year 1984 where the JIKKAN was first sign KINOE, JUNISHI was also first sign Rat [NE]. Thus this year was [KINOE-NE]. The following year the both signs shifted one each into the position of the year [KINOTO-USHI] USHI (Ox). In the year 1994 JIKKAN sign came back into [KINOE] while JUNISHI sign was hit the eleventh sign [INU: Dog]. Thus year of 1994 was [KINOE-INU]. The year 1995 became [KINOTOI]. The year 1996 became [KINOE-NE]. JUNISHI circulates in twelve years as one cycle. Fifty nine years later which is the year 2043 indicates [MIZUNOTO-I], then sixty years later which is the year 2044 indicates the first signs of both [KINOE-NE] finally comes back to the same cycle.
This idea of sixtieth cycle can be applied to the Day, Month and Time as well.

The next article, we will be introducing the different theory which is originated the idea of four pillar astrology reading [twelve fortunes]and [Decade Luck].

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