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Let's live with moon 2

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Let's know about "First Quarter Moon" -Waxing period

Phases of the moon: the first quarter moon, or waxing phase of the moon.

What kind of time?

This period, the moon waxes more toward a full moon from a new moon through waxing moon. Both mind and body tend to absorb energy and you can keep going positively. The period is suitable for going out and spending time actively than stay calm.
“Supply” “Intake” “Growth”

How should we spend time?

- Take part in a party or an event
Take part actively in the gathering of many people. The possibility of love arising is higher than usual in this period.

- Care for the skin
As the permeability of beauty essence etc. becomes higher, you may feel its effect more than usual if you care for your skin or go to a beauty salon.

- Do muscle training
As also the effort of bodybuilding takes effect easier than usual, it would be good for you to go to a gym or do sit-up and push-up in your home.

Things to be avoided

You become to tend to absorb not only good things but also bad things so swelling is easier to occur and a side effect become stronger than usual. And don’t eat to excess! Take care not to intake too much extra.

The moon makes people mad?

Ancient time, when people are exposed to the aura emitted from the moon, the people are said to be mad so the adjectives concerning the moon (Luna) are related to “madness”. Lunatic means “insane” and Moonstruck means “being driven to mad”. The folklore of werewolf is about a man who was made to be mad by the moon. The mysterious power of the moon may inspire desire or madness people potentially have.

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