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Let's live with moon 3

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Let's know about "Full Moon"

Phases of the moon: the full moon.

What kind of time?

The energy which has enhanced becomes the highest in this day. You can show your power at most to achieve something and your effort will pay off. This day drives people tend to impulsive but also makes people show own inside power.
“Absorb” “Integration”

How should we spend time?

- Be bathed in the moonlight
In the light of a full moon, be bathed. And it would be great too to have dinner party with family or friends and raise your glass to the moon with tasty alcohol.
As the power for absorption becomes the highest in this day, use your reserved facial pack in this day. Be sure to use the one with the high quality ingredients. As the metabolism of upper half of the body is activated, half body bathing is also effective.

- Experience the art
As the power for absorption and also the sensitivity are enhanced, experiencing the art such as visiting art museum or watching movies may bring you something good.

- Review your goal
As the day is the turning point for your effort started from a new moon day, review your wish of the new moon day for realization.

Things to be avoided

Energy tends to be overly in positive and negative, take care not to overlabor your mind and body. In India, it is believed that people tend to get hurt in a full moon day so they often decide not to do yoga on that day.

The moon is not a rounded spherical form.

Moon is actually near the oval shape. In the surface facing to the earth, rounded ellipse is studded and in the hidden surface, the ellipse is sharp. It is considered that it is transformed because of the centrifugal force caused by the gravitation of the earth and the revolution. We can say the moon and the earth are both affecting to each other.

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