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Let's live with moon 4

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Let's know about "Last Quarter Moon" -Waning period

Phases of the moon: the last quarter moon, or waning phase of the moon.

What kind of time?

The purifying power of the body is enhanced and the effects such as discharge, detoxification, etc. are increasing. And this period is suitable for converge things. It may be good to ponder something or look back on yourself.
“Purification” “Discharge” “Fixation”

How should we spend time?

- Tidy up such as cleaning or washing
As the stains are easy to be removed in this period, tiding up such as cleaning or washing will make good progress more than usual.

- Have a surgery or a treatment
As the wound healing becomes faster in this period, if you could choose its date, you should have a surgery or a treatment in this period. It is said that the amount of bleeding is fewer and also the chance for leaving the scars is fewer than usual.

- Remove dirt on your face
The beauty treatments which assist the discharge such as exfoliation, deep cleansing, epilation, etc. are easy to show the effect than the nourish one.

- Think about something
Especially in 1-2day before a new moon, living calmly with friend lighting candles or aromatic one or thinking alone about future plan are recommended.

- Try dieting in the period of waning moon.
As the figure of the moon waning expresses removing the extra, the period of waning moon is recommended to start dieting. Same as moon gradually change its figure not like suddenly become a full moon or a new moon, you should gradually eat less sweets in everyday life or decrease the amount of foods and you will be more beautiful.

The success rate of surgery is higher in the period of waning moon

In the period moon wanes from a full moon to a new moon, the function of purification or detoxification in our body are accelerated and removing waste or decomposition or discharging of the toxin in our body are easy to be performed. Therefore, the success rate of surgery is higher and only short recovery time is required.
On the contrary, in the period moon waxes to a full moon, it is said that the amount of bleeding is increased and not suitable for surgery. However, you do not have to worry about even if you have a schedule to have a surgery in the month the moon waxes. Most important thing is to believe your own healing power.

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