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Let's live with moon 1

Waxing and waning of the moon

Let’s review the basic of waxing and waning of the moon.
Moon changes from a new moon to a full moon and it becomes a half moon which is called “waxing moon” around 7days from a new moon. About 7days later than that, it will be a full moon. After a full moon, it gradually starts waning and a half moon in 7days after a full moon is a “waning moon”. Another 7days later, it becomes a new moon. In this way, it goes around the earth.
Phases of the moon: new moon, half moon, full moon, and new moon again.
The phase of the moon and the age of the moon
The phase of the moon is the state of the moon. A new moon, a waxing moon, a full moon, and a waning moon are the names of the phase of the moon. On the other hand, the age of the moon is the days from a new moon. Even though for the same moon, you can call “waxing moon” by the phase of the moon and “8th” etc. by the age of the moon.

How to spend time in each period
So, we will show our recommending way to spend time concretely with the feature of each period. Dividing dynamically, there are 2 flows in the change of the moon. The period the moon waxes from a new moon to a full moon is the time for “breathing”. Vice versa, the period the moon wanes from a full moon to a new moon is the time for “discharge”. Let’s spend time suitable for each period with feeling that flow.

"New Moon"
What kind of time?
As the moon is in between the earth and the sun, we cannot see the moon. After the cycle of the moon is completed, it is the time everything starts again.
“The end and the rebirth” “Detoxification” “Purification”

How should we spend time?
- Wish for the new month
According to the legend in the Tyrol region in Australia, if you make up your mind on a new moon day, it tends to be real.
The way is to write your wish within 8hours from a new moon. If you carelessly over 8hours, you should do that within 48hours.

- Try new thing
It is good period for making plan or starting new learning. As it is also good for purifying effort of your body so it can be best timing for starting to give up smoking or drinking alcohol.

- Try short fasting
As the metabolism becomes active in this period, we recommend short fasting such as eating only soup for dinner because detoxification effects are expected with it.

- Sowing
As the light of a new moon promote growth of plants, if you start gardening, new moon period is recommended. It is best period for sowing.

- Enjoy aromatherapy
Aromatherapy using refined oil which has purifying effect (such as of grape fruit, lemon, or rosemary) is also recommended.

Things to be avoided
In the case you purify the jewelry or gemstone by moonlight, you should avoid in the period of a new moon. Instead, you should do in the period of waxing or full moon.

If you are thinking to quit smoking or drinking alcohol, the day of new moon is recommended
In the day of a new moon, the function of purifying of body or detoxification becomes stronger than any other period. It is also great day for starting new things!
As withdrawal symptoms are not likely to occur in this day, starting to quit smoking or drinking alcohol are also recommended.

How can we receive moon power even in a rainy day?
On a new moon day, when you try to perform “ceremony of wishing”, you see rain falling… You may think you cannot receive power in the case the moon is not visible, but the power of moon does not get weak even it rains.The important thing is not to wish in a vague way but articulate your wish. Not like “I hope I will be blahblahblah”, but it is the point that you should state “I will be blahblahblah!”

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