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All the thing exits in this world, in the universe, and the big nature of the energy are consisted of the concepts which are based on Ying and Yang five elements.And there is a concept that the each individual human being who is born in the big Universe has carried a world of small Universe individual self in the body and soul.

Based on this fundamental Astrology reading concept, it is called [SANMEIGAKU] which is interpreted how your destinies are going to be like. In this method, each of your body parts is manifested as individual star.It is used the chart named "Body Map" which is the expression of a small Universe within you.

Each location of your stars in your "Body Map" is determined by your Date, Month and Year of your birth. The reason why is that time had calculated the movements of the stars in the ancient era. The Date, Month and Year of your birth was the beginning of your life which was given into this world. Another word, that is the transitional connection that your physical body had arrived in this world with life form the energy core of the Great Universe.

Ps) Now, are you struggling with someone you like and the relationship with someone?Why don`t you try to find out by using [SANMEIGAKU]?

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