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Learn your Japanese Shuku sign and more! - #2 The 27 Signs of SHUKU

Shukuyo astrology is one of the most important eastern-divination methods. It can reveal so much about your inner self and compatibility with someone.
Let's find out about the origin, features, and how to read!

Vol.2: The 27 Signs of SHUKU

As you are already familiar with the cycle of the moon such as Full-moon and New-moon come circulating roughly once a month.
The moon circulates around the earth which it takes about 27 days to cycle Shukuyo astrology counts one cycle for twenty seven days. It determines each day as [Shuku sign] individual day.
For example, the one particular day of Shuku sign is called [ROU-SHUKU], the next position of [ROU-SHUKU] shifts to [I-SHUKU] on the next day. After twenty seven days the Shuku sign comes back to [ROU-SHUKU].

Twenty seven Shuku signs can represent the different features or personalities. It has been said that the personality traits and especially emotions and the inner psychological states of human are deeply affected by the birth day's Shuku sign.

Well, how are those particular personality traits of twenty seven Shuku signs?
The most featured emotional individual personal trait of each Shuku sign is following.

ROU-SHUKU : Likes money narcistic type
I-SHUKU : Likes drama and mysterious type
BOU(SUBARU)-SHUKU : Desire for fam and likes to play around type
HI-SHUKU : Likes savings, ambitious business person type
SHI-SHUKU : Full of ideas and prosperity type

SAN-SHUKU : Likes to party and evolutional type
SEI-SHUKU : Rational and rich in treasury type
KI(TAMA)-SHUKU : Full of curiousity and dreamer type
RYU-SHUKU : Wide range of emotions and king type
SEI(HOTOHORI)-SHUKU : High skills in bussiness and investor type
CHOU-SHUKU : Hiden in the woods type
YOKU-SHUKU : Pursue for the autherity and perfectionist type
SHIN(MITSUKAKE)-SHUKU : Power in background type
KAKU-SHUKU : Accomplishing and reaching the goals and smart type
KOU-SHUKU : Strong selfishness and strog will type
TEI-SHUKU : Money fortunes and ganbling type
BOU-SHUKU : Interpersonal skill and good to make money type
SHIN-SHUKU : Wild and grab people's attentions and ambitious type
BI-SHUKU : Challenging the games, hunter type
KI(MI)-SHUKU : Wanting to get all and a bossy type
TO-SHUKU : Earn money from other's efforts and a leader type
JO-SHUKU : Chasing a dream forever and dominant type
KYO-SHUKU : Likes money and officer type
KI-SHUKU : Whimsy and instinctual type
SHITSU-SHUKU : Materialistic and picky type
HEKI-SHUKU : Severe with money and dry type
KEI-SHUKU : Marry into the welthy family

Which Shuku sign is affected to you? The following page is great tools for you try to check your own Shuku sign or your friend's and to be able to read free sample readings.

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 Your Soul Mate [Free Shuku check with sample readings and special offer]

The next topic is the one of the most featured area of Shukuyo astrology method which is the section of [Compatibility with someone else].
Please stay tuned with us to the next topic!

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