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Learn your Japanese Shuku sign and more! - #3 The Compatibility Reading

Shukuyo astrology is one of the most important eastern-divination reading methods. It can reveal so much about your inner self and compatibility with someone.
Let's find out about the origin, feature, and how the reading method is constructed!

Vol.3: The Compatibility Reading

In the previous article, we introduced about the 27 signs of Shuku. The one of the best features for the Shukuyo astrology is readings of the compatibility.
The readings of the compatibility in the Shukuyo astrology, it has a very unique feature that other astrology method does not have.

Many astrology methods can use the outcome of the reading can be reflected on symmetrical manners. For example, [The two of you is the relationship like good friends] or [Both of them may tend to fall into the rival relationship each other.]
This means that the two of them are friends one way to another way, or two of them are rivals one way to another way.

However, please think the real life interpersonal relationship. There are many situations that happens asymmetrical relationship in real relationship such as [I love that person as a romantic partner, but the person thinks of me as just one of many friends.]

Shukuyo astrology compatible readings can be read and constructed of the asymmetrical aspects of the interpersonal relationship which can be represented more for the real world situations. For Example, [You tend to devote to the person in one way, and the person feel comfortable the situation. However you may feel starting tired.

How to read

Shukuyo astrology compatible carries the eleventh signs which can be consisted eight signs. These eight signs also have the three categories depending on the distances from me to other which can be patterned three kinds. Thus the total Compatibility combinations are consisted of Twenty seven patterns.

Let's look some examples.

MEI : MEI is the sign reflects two people who carry the exact same signs. This indicates that the two people can have the strong connections from the past life. There are many common things to share and two people can understand each other very well. Contrarily there are things too much understanding and too much similarity of each other, then the relationships may be repelling.

SHIN : SHIN is the best compatibility sign which indicates where the position of looking and pointing at the other person from your side.
Moreover by looking from the other person's position to you, this can indicate the compatibility sign EI. The EI sign means that the other person can produce wealth and prosperity with you. Thus these relationships can indicate the best compatibility.

TAI : When you carry the sign TAI from your position to the other, you tend to devote yourself to the other person. The reason for behaving [The obligation to devote] is that the sense of eliminating the past life karma from the previous lives.

On the other hand, by looking from the other person's perspective to you, the compatibility sign indicates GOU which shows your existing can be considered and nurture the other person.

Now, you can try your compatibility readings with that person from your position, or readings with you from the other person's position by using personal information such as date of birth and year.

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In the next article, we will be describing the Day, Month and Year of the energy flow and how the fortunes are going to be by using the methods of SHUKUYO astrology.
Please stay tuned! Please check it out for the next article.

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