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Learn your Japanese Shuku sign and more! - #1 The Origin

Shukuyo astrology is one of the most important eastern-divination methods. It can reveal so much about your inner self and compatibility with someone.
Let's find out about the origin, features, and how to read!

Vol.1: The Origin - From India, via China, to Japan

Shukuyo Astrology is based on the origin of the Indian astrology methods and the foundation of the Eastern Astrology methods. The original formation of this astrology method has established, gone back to the before era BC.

About three thousands of years ago, Monju-Bosatsu, who is famous for the wisdom Buddhist saint, has been known to create this original method. It used the measurement of the precisions of calculation which was based on the movements of the moon and almanac calendars.
After three hundred to four hundred years later, a Chinese monk whose name was Fuku-Sanzo had learned the method of almanac calendars while he was traveling in India for practicing asceticism. Then he added the knowledge and deep understandings of the precisions of calculations to the original form of the particular almanac calendar readings which collected on the book called [Shukuyo Scripture] after he went to back to China where he was from, and developed the idea.

The book of Shukuyo Scripture was traveling to the island of Japan by Japanese monk whose name was Kukai who was the one of the Fuku-Sanzo's disciples. He was using the method of astrological readings, Shukuyo Astrology which was based on taking the ideas of Shukuyo Scripture, and then he tried the idea of Shukuyo to the people's daily lives was prevailed widely.
As the results, the important decisions and judgments were made depending on the Shukuyo readings among the political implementations and the battle fields. Then this method had established the higher respected position where everybody trusted. The precisions and preciseness of the readings were so high that everybody was frightened. It was true to believe that the Edo (the time of the Tokugawa regime) had to ban Shukuyo for general public to use.

Here are some trial readings using Shukuyo astrology.
If you want to know further more about the method, just try!

The next topic is "27 Shuku signs". See you then!

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