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Learn your Japanese Shuku sign and more! - #4 Readings of Energy Flows

Shukuyo astrology is one of the most important eastern-divination reading methods. It can reveal so much about your inner self and compatibility with someone.
Let's find out about the origin, feature, and how the reading method is constructed!

Vol.4: Readings of Energy Flows

In the previous article, we introduced what the compatibility readings of Shukuyo astrology was.
The derivatives of compatibility readings can be found to predict the particular annual, monthly, daily fortune readings of energy flows.
As same as each individual SHUKU, each day, each month, each year carries SHUKU. The particular person's on the particular day of energy fortune can be read with the particular year, month and day and the prepositioned compatibility natal sign of the person's SHUKU.


Last year was [KYO-SHUKU], this year is [KI-SHUKU], and next year will be [SHITSU-SHUKU] The calendar is based on the Lunar Calendar system, so the new year is not Jan 1st as the current calendar system. Usually lunar New Year would be around early February each year.
The SHUKU is consisted of 27 kinds. But one cycle is 28th years. It is because that the year of TOU-SHUKU where the marked in green on the right had side of the graph can be consecutive double for the SHUKU years.
Therefore the year of 2040 will be returned to year of KYO-SHUKU, year of 2041 will be returned to year of KI-SHUKU, and year of 2041 will be returned to year of SHITSU-SHUKU and so on.

Let's say the Natal SHUKU of the particular person carries [KI-SHUKU]. The year of 2013 is the year of [KI-SHUKU] which is the same as the natal SHUKU of the particular person. The matching the same sign of one to another is expressed as the compatibility sign of [MEI] which has a significant meaning of in life, and it can be good indication of the turning point of the person's life.
The SHUKU of year 2014 will be [SHITSU-SHUKU] where it is going to shift to the next one from previous year. The Natal sign of the particular person and the year of SHUKU will be the SHUKUYO compatibility sign of [SHIN]. The indication of the year of [SHIN] is that it can be many good opportunities to meet people who have similar values in life.
Using this concept [Annual fortune energy flows] can be used how to find out your own years of turning points.


Annual and daily Shuku repeats a constant cycle of 27 SHUKU. However the monthly cycle doesn't have a constant cycle to repeat. This can be based on the cycle of Lunar calendar and the cycle of New Moon to determine each monthly SHUKU. The compatibility of SHUKU of a particular person and the particular month SHUKU is determined the Monthly fortune of energy flows. The month of lunar calendar can be counted a first day at the day of New Moon. The first day SHUKU becomes the SHUKU of the particular month. 2013 March is [KEI-SHUKU] (New Calendar March 12th - April 9th), April is [I-SHUKU] (April 10th -May 9th) and May is [HI-SHUKU] (May 10th - June 8th).

MEI: This is the time when [linkage of the present time]. it tends to happen dramatic events.
EI: This is the time of [prosper]. This is good time to start new things.
SUI: This is the time of [declining]. It tends to have the incidents of sadness or anxiety.
AN: This is the time of [ordinary] Good or bad this time not much of things are happening.
KI: This is the time of [unexpected troublesome]. It tends to be disordered.
SEI: This is the time of accomplishment and resolved.
KAI: Good or bad this is the time to break something.
YUU: This is the time to have support by surroundings. It is a fun time to spend.
SHIN: This is the time the things go very well and have great chances.
GOU: This is the time [the period of linkage to the previous life]. It tends to get excited.
TAI: This is the time [feeling fatigue easily]. This is also good to have reset.


The daily fortune also has a cycle of 27 SHUKU same as the annual fortune cycle.
The SHUKU of a particular person and the compatibility SHUKU of the particular day can be determined the person's Daily fortune as same as annual and monthly fortunes. Additionally the daily fortune can be differentiate three parts roughly out of 27 SHUKU signs.

First, 9days from the day of [MEI] can be called [Active phase] which are good time period for moving forward things. Secondly, 7days from the day of [GOU] can be called [Satanic week] which are the time of delay. Thirdly, 11 days from the day of [YUU] to the day of [TAI] can be called [Transition phase] which are good time to prepare for the next [Active phase].

April 2013 Dailly SHUKU is the chart right. The day of SHUKU as same as your Natal SHUKU which is the Compatibility sign [MEI] can be the starting of those three phases [Active, Satanic, Transition].

We have introduced SHUKUYO Astrology methods in four articles. Have you learn the origin, the reading method, and the features of SHUKUYO? SHUKUYO Astrology is the refractions of your minds.
Let's read your own self, or someone you like or compatibility by using below links.
Definitely you can discover unknown things!

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