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The True Meaning of the Chinese Zodiac: “Earthly Branches” are Hidden in Your Life!

Earthly Branches (also called the Chinese Zodiac) play an important role in Four Pillars of Destiny. Do you know the true hidden meaning of each sign? Go down the page to get more information about it. This Newsletter will give you an insight of Earthly branches. You will be surprised to find out the animals hidden in your Natal Chart. First of all, check our top 3 readings!

1. Awaited love connection is already clicked!(SHUKUYO Astrology)
Wouldn't you like to know about your next passionate and happy love? It's time to start a new love.
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2. Meeting a new love (Four Pillars of Destiny)
Look around, a new love is ready to start. What is the right first step? Let us lead you to the beginning of a dramatic change of life.

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3. The solution to overcome a hardship in your relationship (SANMEIGAKU)
Love does not always bring you happiness. But this is when true love is found. This reading will lead you to such relationship.

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Featured Article: What is Your Chinese Zodiac Animals?

The Earthly Branches (the Chinese Zodiac) plays a very important role in Eastern Divination. It's not just 12 animals. There is a hidden meaning-"cycle of life".
Once you know the meaning of each animal and their role, it will completely change your view. You will surly have a better insight of the Four Pillars of Destiny in your Natal Chart.
Let's Find out Now!

Article of the Week: Can You Guess Which One is Your Fate Line? A,B,C...

Fate is written in your palms. Everyone has a different palm reading. And your life is written there. Read this article to better understand your "Fate Line" in this Palm Reading column. Can you find your "Fate Line"?
The Answer is...

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