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Insight of “ZEN” – Find your inner self!

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The word "KOUUNRYUSUI" means to follow the natural flow as clouds moving with the wind and as the water flow in a river. Let go of strong attachments to things and feelings and let nature take its course.

This word stems from "Zen" and is a product of wisdom from the predecessors. It is a widely known teaching that comforts the mind and soul in the East.

So, how can we live with our mind peacefully and free?
Winds may not always blow gently through clouds. And rivers may run fast and slow, and may proceed with wind. Going with the flow does not mean to be carried away. The important point is to know your true self.

Knowing your inner self and mission, realizing why you were born, and discovering your hidden future may free your soul.

Seeking your inner self!

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Home >  Back Numbers of Chinese Zodiac and Astrology Newsletters > Insight of “ZEN” – Find your inner self!