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In Japanese, "Kouunryusui" means to move with the natural flow of life -- like clouds moving with the wind or water flowing in a river. According to this proverb, happiness is found by letting go of strong attachments and emotions, and embracing your true nature.

Letting go emotionally is very difficult. How do you let go of self-consciousness, as well as fears and doubts about where you're going? How do you accept yourself and all your faults? The answers lie within…

In our exclusive reading, created to help you connect with the flow of your own life, you will discover your Personal Attractions, Roles in Society, and even your Destiny. Let Astrology guide you, just as the river's path guides the water!


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Trial and Tribulations: Overcome Your Worst Challenges Get a FREE Sample Reading!

Your Future Revealed Get a FREE Sample Reading!

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