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[Ready to Face the Truth?] Midautumn Moon Reveals Your True Nature

[Ready to Face the Truth?] Midautumn Moon Reveals Your True Nature

Tonight is a special full moon!

Last month, we experienced a rare blue moon, but full moon of this month is also special! It is called "Midautumn Moon" in the Orient.

In China and Japan, early people used to admire the moon on every "15th Night". The 15th night in the lunar calendar has always a full moon. Particularly on the month of September in the solar calendar or the 8th month in the lunar calendar, when the autumn sky is so high and clear, the moon is considered the most beautiful throughout the year.
And therefore, the full moon in September has a special name, "Midautumn Moon." Even today, there is a custom where Asian people present dumplings and the year's harvest, and they admire the full moon.
Japanese people traditionally see the shadow in the moon as a rabbit making rice cakes in the moon. Others say they see images of a lady, or a big claw of a crab. What do you see in the full moon?

The moon, watching people all over the world from old times, has the power to foresee deep into your mind.
Your true self that you didn't even know - your true nature and depth psychology, talents and charms, key persons, and unexpected changes, will come to surface.

Let Shukuyo Astrology which integrates the power of the moon help you get some answers!

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