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The Chinese New Year is Now Here!

Welcome to the Green Wood Horse Year

How are you feeling about year of 2014 so far?

This year is the Green Wood Horse from January 31, 2014 through February 18, 2015 in Chinese Zodiac.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse year comes back every 12 years, but the Green Wood Horse will come back 60 years later in the cycle.
Which means that you will re-born when you turn 60, if you born this year.

In the cycle of your life, you sometimes wonder, if you’ve changed by the affect from surroundings and where the old self is…

We offer you the hidden report that shows true self of yours and your living paths. This report is based on SHUKUYO astrology which Feng Shui is involved in the process.

Let’s learn about your Shuku sign and talk to your inner self and bring your life much more meaningful one!

Your True Nature and Living Paths-The Shukuyo Report


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Home >  Back Numbers of Chinese Zodiac and Astrology Newsletters > The Chinese New Year is Now Here!