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We offer the divination of the Chinese Zodiac!

The Birthday of Inari God

Do you know about Hatsu-Uma day?

"Hatsu" literally means first, and "Uma" is the zodiac sign of Horse in Japan.

And people worship Inari goddess, they will celebrate the First horse day in Feb for the Birth of Inari God, and this day is nothing to do with our Wood Horse Year.

Inari is the god that will grant any request, but he will expect servicing back to him forever. You don't want Inari to get mad because he will bring bad fortune for generation to generation.

We would offer you the divination process that uses Chinese zodiac sign by entering your birth information, which is to overcome difficulties in your relationship.

This covers with following chapters:
    1. What if you start the relationship with that person,
    2. Issues that may occur in the relationship, and
    3. How to fix the obstacles of your relationship?

The Solution to Overcome a Hardship in Your Relationship


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