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The Essence of Your Being


The Essence of Your Being

What does it mean that you were born into this world? What is the true nature you have like?
The Eastern divination reveals your fate and true nature that you may not be aware based on the extensive statistic data that have been accumulated over a very long time.
Learn about "Your existence" in the main flow of destiny.

In this reading, your existence and essence which you haven't still noticed yet can be discovered and clarified.
The method of the readings is Four pillars of destiny in the Chinese zodiac which is one of the popular reading methods among them. Your essential core can be shown by the combinations of Heavenly Stems and 12 animals which is the divination system.
Chapter1:Your Unchangeable Path
What are your destiny and task and the true meaning of your life?
Chapter2:The Unknown Self
About the undiscovered yourself worth and the innate personality of yours.

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Kind of Divination : Four Pillars of Destiny

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Theme : The Essence of Your Being
Price : $15.99
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