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What Those around You Think About You


What Those around You
Think About You

How are the people around you evaluating you? How are you being seen by your friends, at our workplace and in your love?
Some may say the don't really care such things, but there must be something that could be changed by knowing the truth.
We can honestly point out to you even wrong things you could do to the people around you.

In this reading, the readings can help find out how you can be seen or you can be judged by surroundings. The Four Pillars of Destiny, authenticated by Chinese zodiac, can be used In this reading. It is a great feature of revealing the true nature of yourself and personalities in deeper level.

Chapter1:The Impressions You Give
What do your surroundings think about you?
Chapter2:Your Subconscious Communication Peculiarities
This reading can help clarify the hidden values of yours toward interpersonal relationships and subconscious communications or attitudes that you act toward others.

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Theme : What Those around You Think About You
Price : $15.99

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