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Your Soul Mate


Your Soul Mate

Everyone has a person to whom they are strongly connected to from their previous lives. Such a person may compensate your shortcomings or undo your Karma in your present life.
Let's see who is going to be your changing partner.

In this reading, the readings can help to see your soul mate who connects to you with a strong affinity(but not limited to romantic relationship)
Shukuyo Astrology, authenticated by Chinese astrology, can be used In this reading. It is one of the great reading method in Japanese Astrology methods to find out the past, present and future connections.

Chapter1:What You Need in a Special Relationship
Let's find out who is your best partner for your life.
Chapter2:The One and Only Person Meant for You
Who is fulfilled you really?
Chapter3:A Soul Mate Who Inspires and Encourages You
This is your soul mate. This partner could be one of the most important person for your life but it could be a rough one.

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Theme : Your Soul Mate
Price : $12.99

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