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[Trial Content]The Real Nature of That Person


[Trial Content]
The Real Nature of That Person

Special Partial Purchase Offer $3.99 as a Trial Content of "Your Compatibility to the Person".

Someone you want to be closer, someone you have come to know but don’t know well about or can’t handle well yet …. There must be quite a few people you care about.
What is the person really like? What is the affinity between you and the person?
We can tell you the true nature of the person and in what aspects you can get along with him/her.

In this reading, the compatibility readings can be shown not only love relations but also true chemistries with someone else.
Shukuyo reading method, authenticated by Chinese astrology, is used in this menu. It is a great reading method to find a special bond, and who are the best partners, and what the best positions in the relationships.

Chapter1:The Real Nature of That Person
Let's take a look the truth of that person you haven’t known yet.

Trial Price : $3.99
Kind of Divination : SHUKUYO Astrology

This trial content provides a partial reading of "Your Compatibility to the Person".
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Theme : [Trial Content]The Real Nature of That Person
Price : $3.99

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