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Chinese Zodiac Ox Sign – Biorhythm Chart

Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs - Biorhythm Charts

Chinese zodiac animal signs can analyze your annual biorhithm chart by month.
In this section, let's look at on Ox sign's chart.

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The Chinese Zodiac Ox Sign

Chinese Zodiac
Ox Sign

Meaning soft soil, sign of sprouting but too cold to grow further.

Ox's Annual Biorhythm Chart

Ox's Annual Biorhythm Chart

January (Month of Ox Sign)
Nutral. If Ox begins something in this month, it is more likely to flourish later.

February (Month of Tiger Sign)
The best month. Ox gets much amount of power from strong Tiger. Everything goes well and he/she can gain a great success in this month.

March (Month of Rabbit Sign)
Bad. Ox possibly gets exhausted from taking on too much, especially devoting himself/herself to help others.

April (Month of Dragon Sign)
Ordinary. Helped by Dragon, Ox recovers his/her luck in this month.

May (Month of Snake Sign)
Good. Snake might help Ox's problem about love.

June (Month of Horse Sign)
A bit good. Tender Horse takes care of Ox.

July (Month of Sheep Sign)
Worst. No matter what Ox does, it never turns out good. He/she needs a rest.

August (Month of Monkey Sign)
Much better than the last month. Monkey pulls Ox out from sufferings.

September (Month of Rooster Sign)
Good. With Rooster's help, Ox might find a chance of love.

October (Month of Dog Sign)
Nutral. There are both ups and downs almost equally.

November (Month of Pig Sign)
Not good. Ox might make the same old mistake.

December (Month of Rat Sign)
Turns good. Ox gets some help from Rat.

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