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Chinese Zodiac Rooster Sign – Biorhythm Chart

Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs - Biorhythm Charts

Chinese zodiac animal signs can analyze your annual biorhithm chart by month.
In this section, let's look at on Rooster sign's chart.

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The Chinese Zodiac Rooster Sign

Chinese Zodiac
Rooster Sign

Meaning manufactured metal, sign of ripe fruits at their limit.

Rooster's Annual Biorhythm Chart

Rooster's Annual Biorhythm Chart

January (Month of Ox Sign)
Excellent. He/she can stay on track in this month, especially relationships with others.

February (Month of Tiger Sign)
Suddenly turns bad. Rooster might hurt his/her popularity.

March (Month of Rabbit Sign)
Continuously bad. Rooster should take care of his/her rumor.

April (Month of Dragon Sign)
Gets better temporary. Chance to get things done.

May (Month of Snake Sign)
A bit good. If Rooster helps others willingly, his/her efforts will get rewarded.

June (Month of Horse Sign)
Worst. No matter what Rooster does, it never turns out good. He/she needs a rest.

July (Month of Sheep Sign)
Getting better. Helped by Sheep, Rooster recovers his/her luck to some extent.

August (Month of Monkey Sign)
Quite ordinary. Almost nothing unusual.

September (Month of Rooster Sign)
Continuously nutral. If Rooster begins something in this month, it is more likely to flourish later.

October (Month of Dog Sign)
Good, but feels a bit restless.

November (Month of Pig Sign)
The best month. Rooster can gain a great success or fame.

December (Month of Rat Sign)
Calm down, but still good.

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