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Daily Insight Group

Senn is owned by the Daily Insight Group. We are a powerful network of online and mobile properties. Our users are regular folks moving through life using the perspectives, tools and insightful wisdom of ancient oracles to contextualize everyday issues. From something as simple as "will today be a good day?", to advice on starting a new job, ending a bad relationship or money concerns, we empower our users to use horoscopes, astrology, tarot, numerology and i ching to move through a modern world with meaning!


Where it started

Daily Insight Group's first online property -- -- was built in 1999. quickly became one of the premier websites for interactive tarot and i ching readings. Partnering with large web properties to offer fun and personalized experiences, later expanded its offerings into numerology. Then aligning with two of the world's leading astrologers -- Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer --'s reach exploded into the wildly popular astrology audience.


How we got to where we are

As with any good thing, word traveled fast and's traffic went through the roof. It became clear that the only way to accomplish our core mission was to offer more variety with the same commitment to quality. And so the Daily Insight Group was born! We expanded our network of properties to include more aesthetic, content and personality choices --,, and


Where we are going

The theme of personal growth and discovery doesn't stop at our site. We are all about the journey. We are thrilled to expand our online presence into the mobile, app, social and television space. We are committed to reaching and servicing our loyal users of 10+ years wherever technology will take them!

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