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Eastern old style calendar

Eastern old style calendar

Eto The Zodiac signs are combinations of one of each of Jikkan, the ten calender signs, and Junishi, the twelve horary signs, and are used as numerals. There are 60 combinations, which are cyclically assigned to each day, month, and year. Jikkan has ten calender signs which consists of Yin and Yang of each wood, fire, earth, metal and water- yin is the older brother and Yang is the younger- thus forming Eto, meaning brothers. Junishi has twelve horary signs which consists of animal names, which are assigned to hours and directions.

Kyusei has nine traditional astrological zodiac signs which are nine categories of Xi. The first letter represents time, the second space with a color, the third Gogyo, the five elements and the last a star. Xi means the atmosphere that people inhale and the nice types of xi cycle every year, every month and every day in accordance with specific rules. Good luck or bad luck about directions or things can be divided from its flow, and one’s fortune may be improved based on the deviation.


Treasure in your hands

Each person is born with a flawless gem. You just haven't noticed you do too. Are you not assuming happiness lies somewhere far away from you? Rather than to deplore you don't have anything special, why not see what you have in your hands? A precious thing will be found there.
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