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Romantic I-Ching

Romantic I-Ching

You can read a love reading by I-Ching, on of the fortune-telling methods originated from Chinese divination methods.

The hexagram "Zhong Fu" means "Inner Truth" and is considered fortunate and promises a successful outcome. The key is to find the right approach. To see clearly into another’s heart you must first rid yourself of your prejudices and open yourself up to the truth. Understanding your own nature and what you want from a particular situation or relationship will enable you to resolve inner conflicts. Discovering this truth will grant greater peace within you and greater insight into the motivations of others. You will then be able to act sincerely, the key to opening the door to another’s heart.


Treasure in your hands

Each person is born with a flawless gem. You just haven't noticed you do too. Are you not assuming happiness lies somewhere far away from you? Rather than to deplore you don't have anything special, why not see what you have in your hands? A precious thing will be found there.
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