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Romantic I-Ching

Romantic I-Ching

You can read a love reading by I-Ching, on of the fortune-telling methods originated from Chinese divination methods.

The hexagram "Qian" means "Humility" and is considered fortunate. This not a time for recklessness, big promises, ultimatums or extremes. On the contrary, let modesty, humility and considerations of etiquette guide your actions and interactions with others. To achieve the success or intimacy you desire now there is no need to put all your cards on the table. However, others need to know you are reliable, dependable and do not make promises you cannot keep. Be still and strong like a mountain, yet gentle like a breeze, and you will win the trust and admiration of those people that matter.


Treasure in your hands

Each person is born with a flawless gem. You just haven't noticed you do too. Are you not assuming happiness lies somewhere far away from you? Rather than to deplore you don't have anything special, why not see what you have in your hands? A precious thing will be found there.
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