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The Fate Line

The Fate Line - One of the important signs of palm-reading: this is a simple and easy ways of destiny reading, originated from Chinese divination. Try by yourself!

What is the fate line? What does it mean?


The fate line, also known as the line of fate or the line of destiny, is one of the six major lines of the palm-reading method.

It indicates strength of your questioning mind, intention, and potential ability to take control of your own destiny.

In this modern societies, it is said to have plenty of meaning for progress and success in your career.

Additionally, it means a time line of your whole life and can be divided into three parts. The first represents the stage of your early life, the second represents middle age, and the last one represents old age.

Which is the fate line?


Map of the fate lineThe fate line is the line which begins from the bottom of the palm or the middle of the palm near the wrist and extends towards the base of the middle finger (see the right figure). Many people have one, some don't, and a few other do two or more.

Now, let's check your left hand.

Do you have one or some? If you have, how is it like? Long or short, bold or thin, straight or curved, one or more, has a break or not?

Please look carefully not to miss a faint line!


What the fate line means by its shape


Bold and straight

If you have a bold and straight fate line, your life will be expanded dramatically.

None or quite thin

If you have no or a very thin fate line, your life will be dependend on others or easily controlled by someone else.

Two or more

If there are 2 or more fate lines which are different in the starting points, it means you have real ability and also popularity and you can enjoy brilliant life.

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