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The Happiness Lines

The happiness line - One of the important signs of palm-reading: this is a simple and easy ways of destiny reading, originated from Chinese divination. Try by yourself!

Palm reading has been studied in China from 5000 years ago. No one has same lines of palm. Palm reading is mysterious fortune telling which definitely mirrors the one’s personal life.
Here, we will show you little bit characteristic lines of palm so please check if you or someone around you has same destiny.
What is the happiness line? What does it mean?


They are also called as "the signs of fish" because they look like shapes of fish. They are very rare palm lines.
They literally indicate that chances of success or happiness are only just around the corner.
Which is the happiness line?


Map of the happiness lineThe happiness lines can appear everywhere in your palm(see the right figure). You can know what kind of the fortune by the location it appeared.For example, if the fish appears touching the line of travel which extends from the line of life toward the wrist, it implies your fortune will get better by an encounter or a happening in the venue of the travel or overseas.
If it touches the line of marriage which extends horizontally from between the root of the little finger and the line of heart, you will have good fortune dramatically by the marriage.
If it touches with the line of Sun which means "success", it means the success you are going to achieve will be brilliant.


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