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The Heart Line

The Heart Line - One of the important signs of palm-reading: this is a simple and easy ways of destiny reading, originated from Chinese divination. Try by yourself!

What is the Heart line?
The Heart Line can be found the line starts under your pinky to the index finger.
This line indicates your love tendency and expressions of your affection. Basically, the length of your heart line is in proportion to your time of being love.

The average heart line normally ends between index and middle fingers. Those average person have good balance in romance.

What is Your Heart Line?
Let’s start from where your heart line starts.

The average starting point is 1/4 from your pinky finger. Those of you have moderate mental strength and flexible mind. You know how to enjoy in love, and you work hard and know how to get the love you want. You know how to deal with it and tough enough to let the love not to ruins you.

Map of the heart line
The starting point that is closer to your pinky finger
You want stability in love. You are tend to withdraw into your shell and won’t open your heart to anyone. You don’t seek new love, and attach greater importance to the people around you. However, once you care someone, your love is single-minded and hold your feelings for long time. You might find new connection through hobbies.

The starting point further from your pinky finger
You are adventurous and generous. The far from your pinky, the higher caliber you are. You are capable to become friend with anyone.

Now let’s look where and how your line ends.
Ends before it reaches the middle and index finger
You are easy to fall in love and easier to cool down, and thirst for passionate love.

Ends right between your middle and index fingers and not touching the base
You are beloved of all. Since your line ends before it touches the base, you are not moody, so you give the impression of magnanimity. You have moderate sense of humor, so people wants to be closer to you.

Ends right between your middle and index fingers and touching the base
You are stickler for details and put great deal in your personal space and world. You are secretive person.

Ends point exceed through the index finger and middle finger
You are careful person, and you are not easy to fall in love, but one you love someone, you’re very loyal to the one for very long time.

The heart line going upwards
You are a thoughtful person.

Your heart line connected with your head line
This is called the Simian Line. This line indicates that you have a good luck and possibility that you will do something big in life. You are full in energy and have a strong character. As the lines show that you have the ability to take action rationally with passion, so you have an enormous power on your dream once you set your goal.

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