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How to Read Your Palm Lines

How to Read Your Palm Lines
How to Read Your Palm Lines
Palm reading is one of the well-known fortune telling method, and the method is SOU in the category of Oriental divinations.
Importantly, there is difference between which hands you see in palm-reading. You may already know how to read palm lines, but which hand do you need to see for what you want to know?

Right and Left Hand in Palm Reading
Left palm as your subdominant hand
Palm on your left hand (your subdominant hand) is used for destiny reading and characteristics from the day (or before) you were born. Also palm on your subdominant hand shows your potential ability and in-depth psychology that is not your appearance.
Therefore your left hand shows what kind of person you are, what your destiny is, and what kind of ability you originally have.
That’s been mentioned, if you develop the ability that is on your left hand, it is easy to accomplish.
For example, you will be lend to become a researcher or a scientist if you have thick and clear palm line.
Right palm -your dominant hand-
On the other hand, your right hand (your dominant hand) is postpartum destiny, in other words, it express your present status and will.
The palm lines of your dominant hand are created by your effort. It’s been said that lines in right palm is easy to change than your left hand because you use it well. You can change those lines by your effort you put in and your right palm hand shows the result of the effort.
Therefore, you are able to see your current status by looking at your right palm.For example, your lifeline of right palm will be thick and clear after you start being active and watch what you eat after started caring about your health.
Comparison with right and left palm
If you have same palm lines with right and left, that means that you are hones; you don’t have two faces.
Possibly, you didn’t have scrimps in your lifetime, you are a simple person, or you are optimistic or generous person.
On the other hand, if you have totally different palm in right and left, you may have different personality inside (without knowing) than how you appear to others, or you may have changed your thinking process and character by having a troubled life.
That’s been said, when you read your palm, you would know the details of your life path by comparing your both hands based on what you want to know.
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