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The Life Line

The Life Line


The life line is the most important line in the palm reading, along with the head line and heart line. The life line, head line and heart line are called the three major lines.

The life line shows the vitality and the physical strength of the person who holds it.

You’ve probably heard that if you have a long life line, you will live long and vise versa, but this is wrong. This line does not show you how long you'll live, it shows your health conditions and change of environments in which you'll live..

Map of the life line

The line, which lengthens to draw an arc, starts in between your thumb and your index finger and arcs toward your wrist. It’s not uncommon to see the life line’s starting point is overlapped with the starting point of the head line. It’s rare, though, to find a person without a life line at all..

As mentioned above, the length of the line is not important. The important part of reading the life line is how thick and strong the line is..
■Thick and Strong Line
You are full of vitality. You rarely get sick and are a tough spirit.
■Weak or Broken Line
You face trouble in health like sickness and injury, or you are sensitive to stress in your environment.
■ Overlap with Your Head Line
As much as these lines overlap, you will feel that amount of negativity and lack confidence.
■ Doesn’t Overlap with Your Head Line
As much as the starting points of the life line and head line overlap, you are a freewheeling person and find it hard to sense the mood of others.

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