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The Marriage Line

The Marriage Line - Check by yourself!

What does Marriage Line tell us?
The marriage line is to see tendency of your marriage or your situation of your marriage life. If you want to know your partner’s idea about marriage.
If you want to see when you fall in love next or to get married, you need to check your life line and fate line.
The marriage line is easy to change based on your current condition.

Read Your Marriage Line
Is your marriage line going upwards?
Map of the heart line
The more risen your marriage line, the happier you are. You won’t have to worry about marriage, you will have the good one. You will be able to have (or “already have”) the family that smiles won’t extinct.Even if you are currently single, you will have the marriage life that you dreamt about in the future. You will feel loved as much as you love somebody. If your partner have this line, don’t let him/her go! Your partner will lead you to the perfect marriage. If you are already married and have this line, you are giving great atmosphere in your home.

Is your marriage line going downwards?
The more declining your marriage line is, the less positive you are about marriage. Or you know you have problems in marriage.

To singles, you are not believing in marriage. Or you are broken hearted, you can’t be positive about love right now.

If you are already married, this is a sign for you to take another look about your relationship you’re your partner. Have the time to discuss if your relationship is going ok with your partner. Try to respect your partner’s opinions during the discussion too.

Goes way down to cut your heart lineYou may already have big hole in your marriage. If you are single and have this line, you really don’t believe in marriage.

Long and crossed with vertical line under your ring fingerYou will manage to make a brilliant marriage with wealthy man or woman. You will be rich by marriage.
Even though your partner is not currently rich, you will get wealthy together in the future. Or by marriage, your career luck will go sky high.

Many short marriage linesYou are always in one-sided love.

Couple lines and are crossed to each otherYou are hunting right now. You are irresponsible in love.
In any status, you are always looking for new partners.

Split endYou have a line called "divorce line".

This line shows break up is coming your way.

Sprit marriage line and after sprits there’s another lineYou will get back together and get marry with one of your ex. You are tend to bring your past, and often time, you apt to romanticize your past relationships.

Two marriage lines and these become oneYou will take long time to get married. You will have long relationship but can’t commit to the marriage. If your partner have this palm, you need to prepare for the long ride to the marriage.

Men with have many vertical lines on top of your marriage lineYou have a lot of (or strong) sexual desire and you are a man of unequaled energy.

Island(s) on your marriage lineYour attracted to taboos and forbidden romance. Also, you might be into abnormal sexuality. If you don’t have those tendency, your partner might be cheating.

Don’t have marriage lineIt means that marriage is not yet reality in your life right now. You may be focusing on your career or hobbies. If you are already married and don’t have the marriage line, you don’t have interest in your partner and you may be sexless for a while.

This is not typical marriage line, but if you are a female and find a chains that curb the base on your thumb, it’s easy to get pregnant right now. This line means that you are physiologically ready to have a baby.

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