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The Money Line

The Money Line - Check by yourself!

Where can I find my money line?

Map of the money line

In Western culture, this line is called the fame line and money line is typically under your index finger. In Japanese palm readings, the line starts on the sun of under your ring finger is known as the money line.
How to read your money line
Long and clearYou don’t have to worry about money. The average money line begins under the ring finger and ends by the heart line. You are the person who regularly put aside money to your savings.
Shorter line than the average or don’t have the money lineYou don’t have a strong attachment with money. You work for what you care but don’t care about how much you make. Or if you change a career or profession, things might be better for your life.

Many short money linesYou may have wasteful habits or careless with money. Not only you use your money for yourself but your surroundings, you have many friends or your friends loves you. You just need to be careful using many credit cards. In addition to that, if you love gamble, you might want to hire somebody to manage your finance to be safe.

Curvy to your pinky sideYou have luck in money with your hobby. You will be suited for illustrator, designer, musician to make more money.

Long sun line in the middle of your palm, and your money line is going towards your sun line, and making triangleThis is the strongest for your money luck! You can be (or already be) a millionaire. Even if you don’t love money, money loves you. You have the ability to manage big business. If you just started a new business, find the great right-hand man. You will be richer than ever you’ve imagined.

Starting under your pinky finger to the middle of your palmThe clear the line is, the luckier you get. You have hope to be rich as long as you work hard for it. Once you get money, you can make bigger money (and bigger and bigger!)

A line that parallel to your money line either one or both sidesYou have luck in funds (and good advices!) Why you get all the supports? Because you and your ideas are attractive to the rich people. Don’t worry about refusing the proposal, you have the power to give them back more money in return.

Starting under the ring finger but going inside of your palmYou have luck in inheritance or your parents have successful in business, you can take it over.

An island on your money lineYou are in trouble or you get in a trouble with money. You shouldn’t move big amount of money, and don’t get into gamble like stock exchange. You may get into the situation that you need huge amount of money all of a sudden.

In addition, this is not about the money line, but if you have plump hands, this also means that you have a chance with money.

If your palm is plump particularly under your middle finger, you are good at managing the money. If your palm is plump under your ring finger, you have luck in money but you live luxuriously. If your palm is plump under your pinky, you have a good head for business.

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