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The contents offered in this website
・Free divination such as daily fortune, yearly fortune and Eki
・Free articles for you to read
・Charged detailed personalized divination
*More to be added accordingly

-About free divination
By entering your personal information in the box on the top right of the page, your free divination results are shown in various sections in the top page.
*If you log in as a registered member, the results will be displayed automatically.

-About charged divination
-Choose a category from the top page
Our recommended divination categories are shown in the top page, such as Romance and Relationship.
Choose one by clicking on one of the options of your choice.
Divinable items and fees for them are given for each category within its page. Check them through and accordingly enter required information and make a payment if you are interested.
*The first line of each charged divination results is offered free. To read this line, proceed to "Try" after entering required information.

-Search and choose
Types of divination can be searched by entering key words in the search box.
*Search results may be presented also with contents not related to divination.

-Methods of payment
Payments may be made only by credit cards (VISA, MASTER, JCB, Diners) . Your personal information will be coded by SSL signals before sent and so securely protected. Your personal information will be used exclusively for providing divination service.
Please read here regarding our privacy policy
Please contact us here for any inquiries regarding payment.

-About free membership registration
Membership registration is required for purchasing the charged divination service.
Registration is free.
Registered members can enjoy privileges such as receiving our email magazines and using My Page where their purchase histories may be tracked. Registered information may be changed also in My Page.

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